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Web design

In recent years, we have built and implemented a system for creating sites to ensure their quality and efficiency.

In recent years, we have built and implemented a system for creating sites to ensure their quality and efficiency. Each project begins with the creation of a Wire Frame (schematic representation) and a unique design tailored to customer requirements. Our projects are issued with basic SEO optimization and administrative part with different levels of access. From its inception until today, we are an integrator of WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento.

Development of e-commerce plaforms Development of corporate websites Development of online platforms Development of interactive web applications
Advertising on the Meta (Facebook) and Google Ads platforms Creating static and dynamic advertising banners Video and advertising photography Articles with unique content, type "branded articles"


We are proud of the fact that Quaxen employs experts with over 10 years of experience in the field of advertising. We know in detail both the classic requirements for creating an advertising product and the algorithms through which the products of the Google and Facebook families function. The company is a Google Partner from 2019 until today.

Corporate identity

The logo and the corporate identity are developed after performing a primary analysis of the direct and indirect competitors of the activity/product and after receiving the requirements from the client for graphic signs, colors, and the name of the company/brand.

An offer for logo and corporate identity is submitted after receiving a completed questionnaire from the client.

Logo design Creation of a ‘Brand Book’ Design of business cards, letterheads and documents Creation of templates for presentations
Update based on the website and all installed modules. Update PHP to the latest version. Track site visits and block bot attacks. Technical monitoring on a monthly basis eliminating all errors.

Support and optimization

At the Quaxen Web Agency we offer both technical and administrative support for the sites created by us. We prepare individual plans for our clients according to their requirements and current needs. Some of the activities included in the technical support are:


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For the past 6 years, Quaxen has managed to attract a team of time-proven professionals who have high-quality criteria and love their work.

The company was founded by Angel Petrov – a full-stack programmer and graphic designer working for over 10 years in the field of development and integration of corporate sites and online stores.

Since its inception, Quaxen has implemented various methodologies and processes to study user behavior and optimize sites for both it and changing technologies.

In order for each project created by us to be up-to-date and follow the world trends suitable for your business.


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