Addict Boutique

An online store for a client whom we restored trust in digitalization.

According to us, every company creates projects that, due to circumstances, become particularly special for them. Addict Boutique is such a project. Owned by a small Bulgarian family company, it is extremely important to us, alongside the projects we have created for world-famous brands. The main reason for this is the fact that our client trusted us in early 2020 after being deceived by 8 web agencies. In order to successfully navigate through the crisis caused by COVID-19 and to continue with e-commerce, despite the legacy left by our colleagues, we first stabilized the existing online store and increased its sales through advertising. At the same time, we built a modern platform that we successfully launched in early 2022. Today we can proudly say that our client successfully overcame the difficulties to continue to grow and develop in the future.

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